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Asus g752vt cpu overheating

Level 7
Hello there,
I have a problem with my laptop's CPU (INTEL CORE I7 6700HQ)
I've checked temperatures with HWMonitor,HWINFO and made an "System Stability Test" with AIDA64 and the CPU reached almost immediately 90 degrees and after 5 minutes 97 degrees.
I didn't made this test with AIDA64 for nothing of course (I kinda know that in most cases games won't gonna stress the CPU and GPU like test apps do)
From a while I'm playing with my friends GTA V ONLINE, and sometimes I saw that I have frame drops (I have Steam FPS counter always Enabled) so I said to check the temperature with some programs (HWMonitor,HWINFO,MSI Afterburner) and I saw that the proccesor almost always reaches around 95-97 degrees.
As I saw the GPU doesn't have any problem with temperature. In long time games kinda reaches 80 degrees but nothing more and in AIDA64 test reached only 72 degrees.
I have to mention that I replaced the thermal paste recently twice (When I saw that I have same degrees I've said that maybe I moved the heating pipe and made air bubbles)
Thermal paste used is an ARCTIC MX-4 which from I heard is a decent thermal paste.
If someone have any idea would be appreciated. Sorry if I misspelled some words.Hope that the post can be read.