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Asus G752VS screen Flicker sometimes or has static effect lines

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My Asus G752VS screen Flicker sometimes or has static effect lines

I have my laptop since 2016 and this problem occurred around two years ago. It wasn't sever at the time, but now it happen more often. So when i open the laptop the screen is fine, but for some reason i can see lines flickering and by time it gets more intense. When i close and open the screen, they seem to go away for some seconds, only to go back. This doesn't happen all the time but now, it is more frequent and i can't determine the cause. I tried many suggestions, like updating the graphic card driver (1070GTX), changing the refresh rate of the screen, updating the Monitor Pnp drive in device manager, removing any magnets around the laptop, etc. Nothing seems to work.

when i have a white background, i can't see this flickering lines, only when there is a color.

Please see the link below which has a short video of the problem and how the lines change when i move a window.




Please help determine the cause,

Thank you


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The link is closed off, you'll need to allow access.

Level 12

Your video chipset is getting hot, try running your fans faster. If that doesn't help then repaste the video chipset chips. Also the screen itself could be getting ready to fail completely.

Good Luck

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