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Asus G751JY-WH71 Screen Replacement Help Please

Level 7
Hi everyone, I'm not sure where exactly to post this but I have an Asus G751JY-WH71 and I need a replacement screen for it. Does anyone know if LP173WF4 -SP F1 D1 is the proper replacement for it. I'm currently seeing a few models and prices with that part number. Thanks in advance.

Level 10
Hi psygowski,
Isn't your G751JY-WH71 still under ASUS 1 year manufacturer and accidental damage protection? I remember ASUS store didn't start selling this
model until sometime in late March 2016 so your screen replacement should still be covered by the ASUS ROG notebook 1 year accidental damage
protection through ASUS notebook RMA? Just thought maybe you could try your ASUS 1 year accidental damage protection for screen replacement instead of you trying to replace the screen yourself, and trying to locate the exact G751JY-WH71 screen yourself. If not, maybe you can find the nearest ASUS Service Center in your region and take it to them to either have them replace it or order you the correct screen to do it yourself.