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Asus G751JY M.2 mod?

Level 7
So, i just got an older Asus G751JY laptop, which is pretty good with the 980M.

I saw this model come with an M.2 slot on the board, but mine came without it, which is surprising since it feels like a top line model with the 980M, but w/e.

I took the board out, needed to repaste the thermal paste anyway and i soldered on an M.2 connector. From what i saw in the pictures between my motherboard w/o the M.2 slot and a high-res one with it, there is no difference in terms of what ICs are on the actual board. But when i put in an M.2 SATA SSD, it doesn't show up even tho the exact same model came with M.2 slots, so it can't be the bios.

Was there anything actually missing/different between the same models? Would be odd since it would just add unnecessary cost for making more boards in the first place.

Do i perhaps need to just reflash the bios for it to pick it up or is there more to it, if anyone knows?

Level 7

Geertje123 wrote:
Have you seen this thread? It might help:

I did, but haven't tried it yet, not sure it would work since it doesn't work with SATA M.2 SSDs. The original plan was to mod the bios for NVMe, but idk how this will go now. Will still try seeing that i got nothing to lose and the original bios has already been saved with my programmer.