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Asus G751JY and Intel AC7260 issue [SOLVED]

Level 7
Hi everyone,
I purchased this used laptop to do some light gaming on. The laptop works great. Has windows 10 Pro version 1809, but the wireless card will disconnect using the recommended Asus driver for this laptop. I downloaded the latest driver from Intel when it was released in May of this year, and it has the same issues. The wireless card will disconnect randomly. After spending hours reading different threads on the issue, the drive that I have installed is dated from 2/22/2015 version that I grabbed from Microsoft's catalog site. I still get random disconnects, but its not as bad with newer drivers that I tried. I'd like to replace this card with one that works without this issue.

Some suggested the Intel 3160. Any recommendations?

Level 9
Full settings you should have set this way (if need some reference infos can check here Advanced Intel Wireless Adapter Settings) :

802.11a/b/g Wireless Mode : 4. 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g
802.11n/ac Wireless Mode : 802.11n
Ad Hoc Channel 802.11b/g : 1 (default)
Ad Hoc Qos Mode : WMM disabled (default)
ARP offload for WoWLAN : Enabled (default)
Bluetooth AMP : Enabled (default)
Channel Width for 2.4 GHz : Auto (default)
Channel Width for 5 GHz : Auto (default)
Fat channel Intolerant : Disabled (default)
GTK rekeying for WoWLAN : Enabled (default)
Mixed Mode Protection : RTS/CTC Enabled (default)
NS offload for WoWLAN : Enabled (default)
Packet Coalescing : Enabled (default)
Preferred Band : 1. No preference (default)
Roaming Aggressiveness : 1. Lowest
Sleep on WoWLAN disconnect : Disabled (default)
Throughput Booster : Disabled (default)
Transmit Power : 5. Highest (default)
U-APSD support : Disabled (default)
Wake on Magic Packet : Enabled (default) : Check if you need this enabled
Wake on Pattern Match : Enabled (default) : Check if you need this enabled

+ DIsable Power Management

After leaving the laptop on overnight and closing the lid, I was already connected when I opened the lid. In fact, browsing and playing Steam had no issues, and I had ZERO disconnects.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Svan for all his help and patience through this ordeal. I have never played around with any of those settings. Every desktop or laptop has always worked with no adjustments.

Level 7
--- UPDATE to all for what it's worth and to close out this thread.. and help if anyone wants to do this... ---
No.. the physical dimensions are identical .. but the pinouts are slightly different. In that.. the 9260 had pins solidly all the way through post the notch to the end (if traversing from left to right.... when looking at the chip.. pins bottom .. aux/main top), where as 7260/8260 had another notch/gap.
The 9260 was not identified in a hardware scan period.. no VID/PID detected.. the 8260 was.. and this card is great compared to the stock 7260 that my G751JY came with ... not a single NETBW event error thrown.. no cycling of reset of the adaptor.. Heaps better performance .. more closer to maxing out to the ac roof of throughput.. and heaps better stability.
The 7260's were indeed plagued with issues.. Highly recommend everyone facing the same to cross-grade to an 8260. Regardless of drivers used.. Aka Microsoft/Intel. It's great.