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ASUS G751JL; need clarification on factory reset (no f9 option)

Level 7
ok so the current windows update is forcing me into factory resetting my computer because it is persistently trying to install itself and is unable to install the update, so it forces open windows update assistant, begins downloading the update for hours, spends more hours installing it, only to fail for reasons that are not explained or solvable at this point. so im just stuck in a loop that i have to now everytime i power my laptop on i have to terminate the update assistant in processes, extremely annoying.

its been a couple years since ive been using this tho so it needs the wipe anyways, hoping ill just be able to update after the reset.

...but anyways.

so ive read if you don't have the f9 option available you can use a utility called back tracker or something?
can i ask someone to explain it to me so i don't make mistakes along the way, and i think i need a usb to put the restore partition on or something, did i read?

i basically just dont know what im doing.


additionally, these are my partitions. i dont have a huge 20 gig one like im reading about.

im worried though if i use the windows factory reset i parts of my lapton wont function because they wont have the proper driver that were loaded on by asus.

does the backtracker only work if you still have the recovery partition on the computer? like here?

so is my only option to windows restore?

(are these my only options now? fresh start or reset from windows?)