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Asus G751 long term owner review

Level 7
I did a lot of research, read these forms etc before buying the g751JT laptop Feb 2015. Easily the best bang for buck, great performance for the money, but many issues have eventuated.

Two SSD drives have now failed. The original m2 slot SSD failed within about 3 months. The replacement sata SSD failed after nearly exactly one year of replacement.
The 1TB Hdd decided to stop showing in the OS, despite showing in BIOS. I found disabling fast boot in BIOS fixed this. Drive cannot detect from external drives however.
The laptop will frequently resume from standby to a black screen, requiring back to standby > resume > standby > resume etc until pictures shows on screen.
The keyboard would inexplicably drop keystrokes. Disabling touchpad in OS would not resolve issue. Found fix by disabling touchpad in bios.
Speaker audio exceptionally poor. Speakers crackle regularly despite latest drivers and bios install. Even with external speakers, the internal one's crackle even when not in use.

I did not anticipate so many niggles on buying a laptop like this, however the great price has me putting up with this stuff. I'm thinking this laptop has a penchant for killing drives though, so probably unwise for me hold it longer than warranty covers.

Failed drives covered under 2 year warranty. I'm currently borrowing a friends laptop typing this while its getting repaired for the second SSD failure.
Screen is great,
performance excellent.

Can I trust the next SSD won't also fail? No. A bit of a worry indeed.

Level 7
That brand of SSDs are you using?
Samsumg ssds no problems for me till now. My G751 JT is still working very good. Only LH usb port give problems sometimes.
Best laptop I ever had!

Cheetah wrote:
That brand of SSDs are you using?
Samsumg ssds no problems for me till now. My G751 JT is still working very good. Only LH usb port give problems sometimes.
Best laptop I ever had!

Not sure what the original M2 slot SSD was. The replacement SSD which has recently died was a Seagate unit. Given the HDD also became troublesome with the OS detection issue, I am wondering if there are power fluctuations in the system or something.

The other issue could be temp, but I don't think so. I don't recall HW Monitor showing anything too hot.

Level 7
wow that is insane. my g751jl has only been though 1 HDD since iv had it for almost a year now. mine was a Samsung 1tb 7200rpm and it died wile using the laptop. screen froze solid and i was forced to shut it off by holding the power button.
after that i got the no OS FOUND message. I had to replace my screen last week due to the bezal cracking for some odd reason, but this morning it started acting stupid like windows didnt know what to do. sure hope its not going to puke again. lol

Level 7
Well, good update. The repair took took 32 days and I was very frustrated toward the end. However they upgraded my mobo to the g751jy varient with gtx 980m! Well worth the wait.

I borrowed a loan laptop from a friend during the interim. This laptop also had a ssd drive which I also destroyed. At this point I realised it must be a problem at my end. I researched and found it could very well be a personal heater I had plugged into the same multiplug as my laptop. My first ssd failed about a year ago - winter when I would have been using the heater. The second ssd failed this winter, again when I'm using the heater. Friends laptop ssd failed shortly after.

I suspect ssd drives, or the power management of laptop mobo, make the ssd drives susceptible to power fluctuations.

So anyway, apart from my keyboard backlighting no longer working (I've installed the latest atk package and still nothing) I'm stoked to be upgraded to a 980m!