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ASUS G751-JY PCIe x4 Gen 2. or Gen 3.? Possible or not ???

Level 9
Did anyone manage to run the G751 with a PCIe SSD in PCIe Gen3 Mode?
My G751-JY T7059H didnt. No matter what I do. Maximum Speed is 1660 MB/s.
It should be possible. Aeolisio posted a Picture clearly showing 2000 MB/s on a G751 JY.

Here is my HWInfo and a PCIe SSD Benchmark



71266 71267

In comparism to Aeolisios Posted Images:


Repleys are appreciated

Level 10
Hi chris_tronic,
It's a head scratcher for sure especially since that's w/ a 256 GB SM951 AHCI M.2 SSD that's 59% full. I've only gotten to 1602 MB/s Read 1500 MB/s Write w/ my 512GB OEM Samsung SM951 AHCI M.2 SSD. Maybe the fact he has 19mm heatsinks w/ thermal tape on his drive keeps it from throttling? Over 2 years ago I went as far as purchasing 19mm Copper heatsinks for the top of the drive and super low profile copper heatsinks for the bottom of drive w/ thermal tape but never got around to installing them, lol.
If I get some spare time I'll install them and let you know if it increases the Read/Write speeds on my G751JY. If you want to see aeolisio's
pictures of the 19mm heatsinks on his G751's SM951 go to the aeolisio Thread: G751 M.2 bracket 3d printed and heatsinked page 5 post #48.

My new SM951 NVMe works fine, also as bootdrive for my Win7. But speeds never get above 1660 MB/s. I dont know if it has something to do with the thermal heat of the Drive?? Mine seems pretty cool with 33 C. Also I set my Powerprofile too highest Power. Slightly change in WriteSpeed to 1600 MB/s. I think this is the GEN2 bottlneck of the HM87 PCH Express Root Port 5 (PCIe x4 but only Gen 2..:(:( ) ..
If I wanna have more.. im must resolder another Chipset on the Board....:cool:

Thanks and Regards