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Asus G751 JT randomly stops charging

Level 7
So I have had problems with this laptop where the battery would only get to 84% and would randomly stop charging and die, so I put a new battery in it. It worked for a few days, and while the 84% charge problem has been fixed, now it will randomly stop charging until it dies, and will only start charging again seemingly when either it cools down or it has been a long time. It does this most preeminently when I start to play any games that have high hardware demands. What can I do about this?

Level 7
search forum for gives many treads about this and the dead battery thing...

I think i was one of the first with this problem here...

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Hi, I will be happy to know any advancement on your situation.

I also changed the battery 2 times, and now I'm afraid there is some issue with the graphic card driver made by the wondrous company that is NVIDIA.

see this link (cosmicBoy reply)

You "only" need to replace the DC-IN PCB, I had the same problem on my JY.
The DC in are identical in both models, note that they have different part number, but they are the same.