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Asus G750JZ 90NB04K1-M01250 Pre-sales Screen Identification???

Level 7
Hi guys im about to purchase Asus laptop for work and i need to be sure
if this model has the right screen, because i see a lot of complaints on it.
As of what i understood there are 2 screens for 750 its Chi-Mei and the other, good one.
How would i distinguish one from the other?
Or better - what should i ask of a vendor, where he has to look to make sure its not that one.
That will basically make me buy it.

Off topic - the hardware as is software industry were always shady filled with monopolies, lies, programmed obsolescence, etc,
so im fine with the problems they like to cause to end user, its unavoidable.
But for me screen is crucial, and if it has flaws there is nothing inside that can out weight it.
On the other hand i do really like this laptop due to cooling system, i soon to travel into very hot
country and having something like MSI gt70 there is impossible, it would just melt through the plane
floor as soon as they open the doors.
Im fine with sound output issue - im using sennheiser external usb module.
its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

Level 7
I recently bought the JZ model and I can't really tell you which one has the Chi-Mei and which one doesn't.
What I can tell you is that my model is ASUS G750JZ-T4039D and it has no screen issues(for now).
I am not sure if it is a Chi-Mei or not, but I can say the screen quality is good. But of course don't take my word only for your final decision, since I can't guarantee that your model will work the same way.

Level 10
Unless you can actually see the 2 screens side by side and one has lines or grids you cannot tell which screen by looking.
Windows device manager mat give you a clue in the Hardware ids section or will give you some VEN and DEV codes which you will have to google and decode. Ask the store or retailer to read out the data of one the same if they can.
AIDA64 (trial version is ok) or something similar will tell you all you need to know about the monitor..
fyi, mine is a glossy 120hz 3D screen made by Samsung and has never had problems with any drivers on any of the os's in my sig.
also, I have some sennheiser cx 400 ii (a few years old) and do not have any problems with sound.
sennheiser are just good.
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