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Asus G750JX/JW problem with kb lights, USB ports and touchpad / Bios Problem?

Level 9

Hi im new here and i hope you guys can help me maybe.

I buyed an old Asus G750JX and the seller told me it was running perfect after shutdown it never bootet again.

So i buyed this G750JX and open it. after cleaning and checking all inside i startet it.
It was booting perfectly. i played a clean win 8.1 on it.

After installing all and update all to the last drivers it was running very good.
Thinks that dont worked
Keyboard back lights and cant start with fn+f4 all other fn+f working
3 of the 4 USB 3 Ports are not working.
the right bump of the touchpad also dead.

Bios was the right one installed 209
ATK files and all other driver was installed and any times reinstalled to test.
all i do was not bring back any of this.

I flashed via emergency flash a dump 206 bios on it reinstaled all drivers also ATK and nothing changed.

i opend the laptop again. There i see that the board is not a JX. it is an JW.

i tryed to flash the right bios for the JW. But it tells me all time that this is not possible with different apps.

I also tryed with the Gary Key fix to solve the problems. but also without any luck.

I tryed with the AFUWIN to change something in the bios. but also all i do was not helpfull.

i also tryed all this steps on Win 10 with the Win 10 Drivers. its the same.

Anyone here have any idea how to bring back the not working parts?
im google allready 2 weeks about this.
I know its an older Laptop but its still good for my kids.

I founded many posts about this but all of this was not working.

thanks for our time

I also own a G750JS that works perfectly. i also tryed the Keyborad from the JX/JW on the JS and there all was working.