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ASUS G750JW - problem wi fi

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Hello everyone

Ive got asus g750jw with 2 HHD (1 ssd 2nd HDD) and i ve got problem with wi fi. Sometimes when I turn on my computer WI - FI its not avaiable (something like the drivers are not installed) . Then i need to restart and then ive got lottery. Sometimes can stand up sometimes crashes/freeze on bios. A couple of times I have to restart the machine. My all drivers its up to date from ASUS page.

Unfortunately, I do not know what to do. Please help and thanks in advance

PS sorry for my english

Level 7
Hello mosepce

I had the same problem with my G750JX. I found out that it was a loose connector inside the Laptop, this caused my WIFI card to die, unfortunately.
I called my local ASUS support and explained the situation, and they told me to send my laptop in for service so they could fix it.
After I week, I got my laptop back, fully functional.
Here is a link for the ASUS support center in case you need it:

Hope this can help you


PS: If you send you laptop in for service, make sure you make a backup of all your important files, they may be lost during the service 😉

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Thank U so much for answering but unfortunately my warranty is outdate 😞 Damn...

I am sorry to hear about that. I think you still can get support with outdated warranty, you just have to pay....
But if you are not into paying for service, you could try to open up your laptop yourself and check the WIFI adapter yourself. ¨
Here is a DIY video:
Another option is to replace the adapter yourself.

Good luck 😄

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What do You mean check adapter ?;-)

Hi I had the same problem a little while ago. it was very frustrating but I went to the intel website and downloaded the driver update utility and installed the latest driver from them and its all fixed now. heres the link

Level 7
Ok thank U ill check at home 😉 we will see

Damn doesnt for me this solution. Intel automatic update not recognize anything because and i forget that ive got a Broadcom 802.11AC ;/