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Asus G750JW Backlit keyboard not working after recent service

Level 7
I cannot get my backlit keybaord to work. I recently sent my laptop in to get it serviced because it was completely bricked, (would not turn on). I received it back, without even checking if it worked, installed windows 10 and updated all of the drivers to include latest BIOS and ATKPackage (1.0.0039) The keyboard does not light up when turned on at all, but the caps lock light does. Everything else on the keyboard works including all of the fn keys except f3 and f4... I checked under the hood and all ribbons were connected and secured. I am lost and would like some help if anyone is willing to give it, thank you in advance!

US Customer Loyalty Agent
You may also want to double-check with Windows 8.1 again if it will not be too painful, but if the repair office forgot to enable the keyboard backlight for your motherboard replacement, it may need to be sent back again to have this done unfortunately.
If you have the latest atk driver for Win10 though and the connections look good, it sounds like it probably needs to be sent back to have this fixes.

If you talk to support, you may want to confirm the motherboard was replaced before requesting another RMA number.

If you're interested and haven't seen it already, check the thread below for a little more information.