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Asus G750JW audio drivers Realtek

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Hello everybody,

I've bought an Asus G750JW a few weeks ago, I added a SSD and installed Windows 8 64bits from scratch on it.
The problem is that when I plug my headset (Razer Kraken Pro), I have to lower the volume down to 2/100 not to burst my ears, I hear a "sizzling/cracking noises" as soon as my headset is recognized by Realtek (always the same noise, no matter the volume), and my microphone nearly doesn't work (I made test by amplifying it to the max, and I need to blow really hard in it to hear a slight sound).
The problem doesn't come from my headset nor my microphone, I tested them elsewhere.

Does anybody knows how to solve my problem please ?

Thanks in advance,

Format? I just installed it yesterday. Bought Win 8.1 separately. This is no solution, starting all over again.

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and this on, only this appears26384

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Level 7
Hi, in my case i solved it by installing latest driver from realtek site and i even have Maxxaudio panel 😮

Latest driver doesn't do it. Unfortunately.

I did it by combining the solutions of some people on this forum. I had a driver installation CD which contained the Realtek Driver which had that /Config folder. I removed the file as explained and installed it and MaxxAudio appeared. Yay.

The driver version is (from 14/05/2013). The latest driver from Dec 2013 doesn't do the trick.

Guest wrote:
in the latest driver from asus you dont delete any file for MaxxAudio, see:\8.1-instal...

Thanks Guest, works for my G750JH on WIndows 8.1 x64. 🙂

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I'm a little confused about the default audio drivers and Maxx Audio.

If I don't have Max Audio enabled, audio is poor. When enabled the audio is fine (with a little tweaking). The Max Audio is a reasonably CPU heavy program, if I'm not doing much else, it can be the most demanding Application running.

So, is this a unique Asus thing? In order to have adequate audio (not saying it has to be great, but just sound like any other Acer, Dell, Lenovo)you have to have a program that seems to equalise to make it sound more normal?

Even if they were using cheap chip-sets, I've had $100 phones that sounded better...

It has to be something with Realtek. I have this issue on both Windows 7 and Linux. I thought maybe it was just a Windows issue.