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Asus G750JS-RS71 Memory Upgrade Question

Level 7
Hello everyone. I am new to upgrading a gaming computer. I have this exact model:

I have 12g ram, I'd like to upgrade. I want to use just the slots under the easy to get to cover on the back, and not the one i'm told is harder to get at inside the laptop.

Can anyone help me get the correct ram? Can i bump to 32g with just the back easy to get to ram slots?

Level 9
As long as the slots under the bottom removable plate are not populated, then sure, you can add more memory. You won't achieve 32 GB total though if the laptop currently has 12 GB. There are two banks under the bottom plate you mentioned where you an add two sticks of RAM, 8 GB max in each bank. That means you install 16 GB total in those two slots.

16 GB + 12 GB = 24 GB.

If you want 32 GB, you'll need to access the other two modules under the keyboard and remove the 4 GB stick installed there, then add another 8 GB stick. Four 8 GB sticks will get you 32 GB total.

Hopefully that makes sense. 🙂

The RAM you need is SODIMM DDR3L. The "L" stands for low voltage; make sure the memory you add is DDR3L (or 1.35 v).

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