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Asus G750JM freezing, for no reason

Level 7
Asus Admin pay attention - Asus G750JM-T4049H
I have G750jm and face same problem, freezing screen, and shutdown etc.

I am an architect and I do carry rendering which sometimes goes overnight, and which make risky to work with when people expect you to deliver works, to wakeup at the morning and laptop is frozen, all the expected render is not even half done, it is very poor laptop and it makes me very angry, that I spent my money and I end- up getting a frozen laptop with no warning, no problem reports and nothing moves on the screen. It is very sad that I cant return the laptop and I cant use it because the problem is something which is not solvable.

I ask Asus admin not the technical to resolve this problem, you are the problem, you produced a laptop which has sickness, when Toyota cars sells a cars with faults they take responsibility and recall all cars with airbag or breaking problems

Asus must take responsibility and not to shift responsibility, it is a sick laptop all the try's and forums and changes people went through, Bios, battery, Wi-Fi or hard disc issues, no result 'laptop shuts down, laptop freezes and laptop is sick' and is not fit for purpose.

Asus manufacturers you could not keep quite and ignore the calls, people will not buy from you in the feature, you must take responsibility and resolve this matter. I had Toshiba Qosmio, 18,4 inch laptop 2 years never freeze never let me down, the best keyboard I ever pressed and best speakers, Asus so far very disappointing laptop, resolve the matter or I report you to the trading standards.

If it works I am happy to ship the unit back to Asus so I could get my money back. I need my money back!,
Update this and update that ,time is gone, now it is how can I get over this mess and messy laptop.

A very angry customer who paid large sum of money, for a dead laptop.

Status Under Review
I wouldn't use a G750JM to render things overnight... that's simply too much work. If you're going to do stuff like that then you may as well invest in a proper PC or a Quadro Card.

I might use an 870m for rendering, but not an 860m, not for rendering over night. I don't do rendering myself, though I doubt 2gb dRam would be enough for the processes you're insinuating.

HOWEVER, I may be wrong entirely, and all you may need to do to fix the issue is reinstall / install the latest graphics driver.

Exactly how long have you had the laptop for anyway..?

Level 7
Thanks for the info,
Well the first part of your response, I use Toshiba qosmio i7 and 460m card with 1.5gb ram, and it created magic works overnight and cooks anything I throw at it. so a faster and more modern laptop must do a better work. I bought this unit for work not for gaming. Cant use hard words you are wrong, but sorry you are wron, all render done on Toshiba

The second part, I was working in normal day and screen frozen nothing moves, no message no worming, that was to do with the updates of new Nvidia drivers I assume, the again after few days same thing, and then it started shutting down while I listen to music.

Steps taken Bios update, NVidia driver install reinstall, battery balance mode change to power safer, changed internet explorer from 11 to 9, so far no other freezes but I am monitoring because I don't use this laptop as much as my Toshiba, may be then it would show more freezes,

This backup laptop I am in Africa run away from UK recession and if thief's steal one laptop I need a backup one, + if I need to render 2 images at sametime so I could use both laptops, Europe also had people who borrow your items without asking, stealing etc, not only in Africa.