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Asus G750 JX and new Intel® Wireless-N 7260 freezing issue

Level 7

Greetings from Poland!

In 2014th I bought Asus G750 JX.
Everything was cool, till my ISP gave me nice deal with increase internet to 120 Mb/s
Due to in my laptop were slow card atheros AR9485BW-EG have only 150 Mb/s I bought new wi fi card Intel® Wireless-N 7260 wich provide 300Mb/s

So transfer files is OK, but in on line games every 8-10 min I have 5sec freezy.

Answer from Intel about my issue:
We understand you replaced the wireless adapter in your PC with an Intel® Wireless-N 7260, and you noticed some connectivity issues after that. We would like to inform that custom integrations of Intel® Wireless Adapters are not supported, you should always contact the Computer Manufacturer Support before upgrading the wireless adapter, and have it replaced with them whenever possible.

Answet from Asus Poland Support:
Asus can not ensure stable operation as a result of modifications to the equipment carried out outside the authorized service center.

Ive tried various Windows version 7,8.1,10 - still issue with on line games
I downloaded latest drviers from intet update utility, also every drivers updated & BIOS

Maybe someone from forum can help me?

Kind Regards,