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Asus G75 Wifi wireless connection issues and problems

Level 7
I am posting this so people can easily find it through a Google search. I bought my G75 last night knowing full well of many issues the thing has prior to buying it. I was aware of graphics issues and such, but was not expecting wifi issues out of the box. I know there are other people having this issue so here is the easy, yet hard to find solution. All I did was change my routers channel to "1" instead of "auto".

I found this information from the Asus troubleshooting support section randomly through a Google link. When I called Asus support on the phone, they had no idea how to help me. I am glad my internet is finally working through the wifi, but **** Asus. I am calling ASus right now to tell them how idiotic there support center is.

Hope this fixes the wifi issue for someone because it really pissed me off...

I bought an Asus G75vw couple days back with windows 8. Everything was working fine except that i couldn't connect to my wireless router. It had a WEP encryption. After I entered the Network Security key, I Kept on getting "Can't connect to this network", troubleshooting didnt help either. Then I updated all drivers from Asus support website and it connected after a restart. I was quite delighted but the next day again i got the "cant connect to this network" message. So I changed my encryption to WPA2-PSK (AES) and even updated the firmware of my router. Still no luck. I have googled around a lot but couldnt find any proper solution.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

The problem here is rarely the router. The ASUS G75 built in wifi card does not support 5ghz bands, which means a couple things:

-Your wifi speed will suck
-If you do not set the channel on your router manually, there is a good chance you will not be able to connect.

Stick to the low channels (nothing above 30) and you'll at least be able to connect. If you are gaming, you should consider wired anyway, so ASUS ROG isn't completely in the wrong here, but if you NEED wifi, buy a better usb device and/or card.

colpolite wrote:
The default wireless cards that comes with these premium G series laptops are crap. I don't know why they keep sticking that Atheros wifi card in there when they could put a better and stable card like centrino 2230 or a 6235.

Asus can't make excuses about this saying they are reducing cost because I'm sure we would pay xtra for a much better stable and better intel wireless card.

Ahmen!! I've own the G73 and literally three G75's, I still have two of them. Every laptop I've had from asus in the g7x configuration had terrible wifi problems. And to be blunt, I've had soooo many problems with the others and am so dissapointed with the service and s\response I get from ASUS, I'll never buy another.

When tech support's go to answer is, uninstall and reinstall windows. You know that there is a problem.

I agree about ASUS being complete crap. I will never buy a laptop from them again. I have more wireless problems and display problems than a cheap HP would have.

Hifonics wrote:
I agree about ASUS being complete crap. I will never buy a laptop from them again. I have more wireless problems and display problems than a cheap HP would have.

Its you and me, and all person i know. ASUS NO MORE. Since i have 1 moutnh testing iam gone return my laptop to store.

Worst laptop ever see..

Level 13
@dstrakele, true; normally people tend to hope the DHCP in a small router will work to support at least the whole c-class subnet worth of devices 🙂

your setup is more practical.

Level 7
I have bought/owned G73's and G75's. Both were/are excellent laptops! The build quality and hardware are top notch, that is except for the wifi card. I guess that I am lucky that I never had any issues with connecting and stability with the wifi (on either)but it is simply sad they put such a garbage wifi card in them. I know I would be MORE than willing to spend an extra $25-$50 on top of the $1500+ to get a proper wifi card and assume most out there who are spending the type of coin on a G series kit that they too would not hesitate spending a few extra bucks to get a decent wifi card built in.

I have bought a G series laptop for myself and my son every year and a half since the G73 and will be in the market for 2 more in about 6 months. This time I will be sure to do some thorough research and if there is any 'cheap' components like the wifi cards these have, I will seriously consider taking my money to Dell/Alienware.