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Asus G75 laptop fan noises

Level 7
i had this laptop since summer of 2013 and its been working fine and still is. recently when i turn on my laptop the top right part ( if placed like a normal laptop) on the back has this really really loud sound coming from it. at first when i turn my laptop on it starts and stops after a few times of that it just stays on. When i turn off my laptop the noise gradually slows down so im thinking its the fan. I took the back off and used caned air to clean the dust but the noise is still there any suggestions?

Level 7
bump, please help!

Level 7
Just send it to Asus. Our laptops've already 2 years old, man 🙂

first, what is the fan called on the bottom top right like under the hole u plug in the charger. and second can i buy a new fan off ebay and replace it myself would that owrk?