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Asus g74sx - Recovery drive error, Win 7 clean install not working correctly.

Level 7

I've got a number of questions.

What i did(mistakenly)... Ive got a retail copy of Windows 8(Yes, the real thing not the preview or such) through dreamspark(google it:p) First mistake, not reading this forum first incase the drivers for win8 was non existant. Second mistake, never making a DVD, as i assumed the recovery partition would work propperly.

When i tried the recovery partition i got an error, which never gave me an actual error message.(Just said "ERROR" in red text on the entire screen)

I also have two friends with a g74sx. In windows 8 i had the same problems with the touchpad drivers.
They made a clean install, with NO complications, just "plug'n play". I had to spend several hours downgrading drivers, even the Nvidia drivers we're completely screwd. I had to install 260.XX somthing for Windows 7.

They did also download windows 8 from dreamspark, and have the same win 7 premium install as i do. With NONE of these problems. I find this strange as the laptops are bought from the same place. The only thing i can say which is different is the touchpad which on mine just above the leftclick button, is kind of arching upwards(has been like this ever since i got it, never tought much of it.)

1. The Touchpad in my Asus g74sx is a synapsis.. The only driver i can find on not a synapsis.(I know this due to the fact. Am i correct here? Because when i try to install the driver on it says its not compatible with the touchpad.

2. I cannot install ATK package above version xxx00010... It crashes the login on windows 7 premium(Which i also got from dreamspark). When i get to the "Welcome" screen, before you type usernam and password. the screen changes to 4:3... and it just says "Welcome" while the lil'ol loading thingy on the mouse just spins for all eternity(Yes im 99% certain that this is caused by the ATK seeing as the problem goes away when i remove the package.)

3. I also got some keyboard lag back.(I flashed the bios with the 202 in the previous install).

4. The hotkey for disabeling the touchpad is ofcourse not working.

Also got more problems with the clean windows 7 install, i just dont remember them atm....

Does anyone in here have a clue what the heck is wrong with my g74??