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ASUS G74sx Pink Pixelated Screen Issue

Level 7
Hey all!
So I've been the rather content owner of a refurbished ASUS G74 for about a year now, and haven't had much by way of issues. Unfortunately, having just gotten back from a trip in which I toted the laptop around rather a lot, now whenever I boot up my laptop the screen is weird shades of pink, green, blue, and everything is a weird kind of antialiased pixelated type of thing. I've attached pictures so you can get a better idea.

Trawling this forum seem to suggest that this is a graphics card driver issue (I hope it is, because I'd hate to have to bunk my beloved laptop and I'm not sure about its warranty) but I installed the latest NVIDIA GeFORCE 560M driver (314.22) and that hasn't seem to have done anything.

I'd greatly appreciate your help on this matter!

Thank you for your answer ! I don't know if the problem is with the video cable or the screen. Yesterday I disassembled it and I unplugged and reconnected the video cable to the side of the motherboard but that didn't solve the problem. So I hesitate to buy a new cable or a new screen knowing that I don't know if it is easy to plug the new cable into the screen. Do you have an idea ?

Level 10
The plug on the screen side of the cable is usually stuck down with tape and rarely comes undone, unless the screen has been changed before. If you take the trim peice off that is behind where the screen hinges are, you'll have access to were the cable goes through the hinge area. Wiggle it around while watching for changes in the screen's picture. If nothing changes I'd say it's your LCD that needs to be replaced.
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