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Asus G74SX External Mouse Problem After Restart/Shutdown

Level 7
Hello there guys,
Lately I been getting a strange problem,
I always have a Logitech External Mouse plugged in to my Normal Right Side 2.0 USB port because I use it every time since I don't like how the mouse on this model is designed... My problem is that every time I Shutdown the laptop or restart it My mouse isn't detected right away. I have to use the build in mouse pad to click on the log in screen box to type in my password and also after logging in to windows I have to wait for around 40 seconds for me to hear the new detected port noise that it makes when you plug any usb device then i'm able to move the mouse. I have also tried removing the USB before turning on my laptop then plugging it after its fully logged in to windows but still it takes like 30-40 seconds to detect it any help?

Level 7
Hi there,

I'm not a pro at this but there are certain steps that i take to "troubleshoot" problems like these. Firstly, i do not know what brand and make is your external mouse so my only advice to you is to download the latest driver for your mouse and install it. Try it first and see if the problem persist. I'm sure many others here who are much more capable then me will be able to offer their help to you.

Good Luck!