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ASUS G74SX bluetooth problem

Level 9
Hello guys,

I have really anoying troubles with my BT. I have this laptop since 2012. Since then I reinstalled Windows 3 times (first clean reinstall / BSOD after win update / SSD upgrade). Every time, every f-in' time my BT works for 2 days and after that its completely "kaput".
I mean it completely disappears. I cant even find it in "Device manager". Clicking on "Bluetooth Suite" will do nothing. Absolutely no sign of BT.
I was searching this forum but really havent found any solution.
But I know I have BT on this version of G74SX because I was able to use controller via BT or send files from my phone. But every time... 2 days and its completely gone...
I reinstalled drivers several times, different versions, after every Win reinstall. Simply its gone.

This laptop costs me 1600€ back in the day so I would love to have everything working properly.
I would really love to throw that cable from my controller finally away LOL!

I have T91310Z (I believe its "Slovak only" version) version of G74SX.

My wireless card is Atheros AR9002WB-1NG.

Please help 🙂