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Asus G74SX Black Screen Help Please

Level 7
Hello there everyone,
I have an Asus g74SX Its an amazing laptop I simply love it.

Theres is just one problem that I have been getting lately, After turning the laptop on from around 30 minutes or more of it being off it get a black screen (black screen for like 30-40 seconds) right after the windows animation, right before the Windows log in window,( to type te password to log to windows)
I have tried many things, I have the latest drivers for Nvidia, I believe 296.10. I have Asus Live update and everything seems up to date.

Its been so frustrating. It also does it when resuming windows after leaving the laptop on sleep mode for more than 30 minutes.

Somethings that I have tried are, opening the CD/DVD tray when the black screen is happening, I have read it prevents the black screen to happen to some people.
I have Re Installed a fresh new copy of windows 7 around 4 times now each time limiting the number of Asus Programs I install in total, and nope I still got the Black Screen today being the 3rd day of fresh Windows Install.

The only Things I have Installed are
-Nvidia 296.10
-ATK Package
-Sentellic mouse driver the latest one
-Asus Live
-Wireless Lan
-Intel Boost Widget
-Poer4Gear Hybrid
-MultiCard Reader
and the realtek audio Programs thats pretty much everything i have installed now and Im getting this freaking black screen im really frustrated and I dont know what to do.

Please someone help me

Level 40
Do not make multiple posts all over the forum please. They will not get responded to any quicker I can promise you.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.