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Asus g74s 3d screen edge

Level 7

i bought an asus g74s laptop, 3d enabled. i noticed that the screen border on the top is uneven, with a larger dark edge on the top left. i took some pictures, and if you look the ones where i maxed out the brightness, the larger dark border is more noticeable.

is this uneven black edge of the screen something that is unusual for the g74s series, i reckon it is. i plan on using this laptop a lot, for gaming and work, and it is bothering me. for example, when i move my mouse point to the upper right, i can see its reflection (no the screen, the material that surrounds it), however i cant for the top left part. should i return it, is it normal for it to be like this?

sorry for my grammar/spelling, i typed this on a hurry

heres the album: the two pics on the middle are with high brightness. it might be hard to notice a difference through the pics, but is you look around the flash on the two middle pics, you can see a clear difference on the thickness on edge

Level 8
I have a non-3D G74, and my screen has a slight black edge around all four sides. It's even all the way around.
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Doan wrote:
I have a non-3D G74, and my screen has a slight black edge around all four sides. It's even all the way around.

i know its supposed to have a dark edge, but the top left edge is noticeably larger than the top right one, its almost as if the screen was tilted on that part.

Level 9
i think it might be a lcd misplacement fit.. hmm

what i would suggest is if this laptop is still under warranty or 1-1 exchange policy. RMA or exchange it
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I also have the 3D version but I don't have that issue. Mine seems to be even all the way around. Your problem would probably bother me also as I tend to be a perfectionist and can't stand imperfections (especially with an investment such as this). As ColonelS said, Warranty issue I would suspect.
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