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Asus G73sw - improve Bootup Time

Level 7
Hello There

I don't know if i'm the only one, but my Asus G73sw always hangs for about 10 seconds on the Asus Bootscreen,
until it starts to load Windows.
But I saw a video (Not sure if its a Fake )
where the bootscreen wasn't as long visible as on mine.

Do you know any Tricks to improve the bootup time?
And do you have the same problem or am I the only one?

Level 9
1. The 1st thing I'd say is to buy an SSD of course to greatly improve boot times 🙂
2. The next would be to do a fresh install of Windows 7, so that you don't have any of the ASUS bloatware.
3. Install only the essential drivers (For me it was Video card driver, ATK driver, Power4Gear, Wireless, Touchpad driver, USB3.0 driver, and the card reader driver)

4. If you don't do a clean install, I'd say go through the Services.msc and disable what you don't need. (Win+R to get to run menu and type in "Services.msc") Use this instead of msconfig to disable startup programs.

As for having that asus boot screen last a while, it doesn't do that for me. It's quick like in that video. Maybe make sure your laptop isn't trying to boot from the ethernet port by default? I know I have that set on my desktop and it takes longer to start up, but it lets me send packets to boot up remotely, or wake it from sleep/hibernate as I head home from work.
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Sorry, I didn't mention, that I already bought an ssd.
I also performed a clean Windows install after I bought the ssd and installed only the essential drivers.

After I disabled a few Windows Bootup Programms and started an ssd tweaker Programm, my Asus Screen is now as fast as in
the Video.

I also put out my second drive which is an HDD and not an ssd, this also improved the startup Time.
Is there a way to start the HDD not till Windows has bootet up, because I think the Computer waits until the HDD has started to spin, and doesn't starts until it is spinning.

But somehow, when I start the Video and turn on the Computer at the same time, his Asus is still faster.

Thanks in advance!

Level 14
Did you check your boot device order in the BIOS? Hanging for 10 seconds on the splash screen sounds like the laptop is attempting to boot from your HDD or ODD (or both) before trying your SSD.
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