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Asus G73SW Display not working with LED Board plugged in.

Level 7
Good evening, I will try to make this as easy as possible to understand:

I have a G73SW laptop that had a bad dc power jack on it due to someone dropping the laptop. I have successfully repaired the dc jack after re soldering the hairline fracture that occurred after the fall. I had plugged everything back in (except for the LED board at this time) to verify that everything was working and that it turned on, etc. The laptop successfully booted to the windows login screen, so I figured I would finish putting the computer back together.

After I had gone through and verified that everything was plugged in correctly, I attempted to power on the laptop again. This time it would not power on at all. I then took the laptop apart again to verify once again that I had plugged everything back into its original positions and all looked well. With the keyboard unplugged (as well as the LED Board) the laptop turned on again.. So I attempted to plug piece by piece in and turn on in between each piece to see what could be causing the problem. I found out that with the LED Board plugged into the flex cable, and the flex cable plugged into the motherboard that the laptop would not boot properly, and wiggling the flex cable would cause it to boot up but the display would not work.

I had thought this was due to the flex cable, and after looking at it closer, I saw that the teeth on one end of the cable were "ripped" off of the cable, so I ordered a new one off ebay. This cable looks fine with no flaws.. but today I replaced the cable in the laptop and the same thing is happening.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or why this is happening? I have verified many times that everything was plugged in correctly. But the laptop will just not power on with the LED board plugged in. The LED Board hadnt been exposed to any static or anything, and it did not have any problems before taking the laptop apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR: Fixed DC jack on laptop, plugged everything back in, laptop wouldnt boot. Figured out the LED Board is causing the laptop not to boot when its plugged in, otherwise everything is working fine.

Level 9
i think it is short something, because i think you already bought new cable and change it, but still can not power on.

Pitcher@asus wrote:
i think it is short something, because i think you already bought new cable and change it, but still can not power on.

Thank you for the reply.

Which do you think would be short? The LED board or the motherboard? As mentioned, it will boot up just fine without the LED board plugged in. But as soon as I plug it in (depending on the position of the cable) it would either not turn on, or it would turn on with just a black screen. If it is the LED board, I would much rather just spend the $40ish for that replacement instead of the $250 for the motherboard. But I just do not have an accurate way to test to see which one would be shorted/bad.