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ASUS G73JH - upgrades - RAM - CPU - help

Level 7

I've an old Asus G73JH, that for my current use is ok. I don't need anything astonishing at this time, what makes me think about a possible upgrade.

Two componentes for me, are interesting, RAM and CPU (I already have ssd).

About RAM, I kindly request some help. I want two 8gb modules. I don't know which specs should I buy, which leaves me with some fears, of making the wrong replacement, buying the wrong product. Can you please help?

About the CPU, I'm thinking about an upgrade for 940XM, instead of my current 720QM. Do you think the improvement is worthwhile?

Best regards
I'll be waiting for feedbacks!

Thanks :)*

I also have an old G73. The last time I looked at parts they were way too expensive to justify an upgrade. The amount of performance improvement you can get without overloading the cooling system is pretty small and these laptops aren't worth investing hundreds of dollars. Better to save a bit longer and buy a newer laptop used or refurbished.
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