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Asus G73JH Sound stutter and screen stops

Level 7
Well, the title pretty much describes my problems. My Asus G73JH randomly gets brief stops or freezes, and a lot of sound
stutter and sound looping. This happens seemingly entirely random, but quite often. Wether i play a game, watch a movie, or just browse the web, these problems will occur. However, im not required to reboot or anything, cus the it usually only lasts a few
seconds at a time.

The problems started some weeks back, and i have no idea why. I had not done any major changes at the time to my computer or anything, it just happened (Thats how i experienced it however). So two days ago, i decided to take the PC back to factory
settings (pressing f9 on startup screen). The first day it went well and i tought the problem was gone. However, after i had to
install 137 windows automatic updates, it came back again. I really don't know where to go from here, and its an amazingly
annoying problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Level 8
Hey, does the keyboard and mouse stop responding as well during the freezes? Check the answer I gave in this thread, it might be your case:

Level 9
how is update new driver?

The keyboard and mouse do not stop responding. I can still move my mouse around, all tough i can't really see the result of what i'm clicking on until the freeze has stopped. The same goes for typing. I can type in stuff, and use the keyboard, but i can't see it happening until after thefreeze has stopped.

I have tried updating my graphic card drivers and my sound drivers with no result. I haven not updated my BIOS or anything like that, because i wouldn't know how to go on about it.

I also tried resetting the computer back to factor settings again, and this time disable the windows live automatic updates. Again, it worked
fine until i turned it off again (this time without updating anything), but when i turned it back on again the problem was back. I have to say
I am really confused about this.

Level 7

Is there seriously no one that has any idea of how i can resolve this issue? It's beyond annoying.

Level 7
Just going to do one final bump. If no one has any answere to this peculier issue, im just going to go ahead and assume its hadware malfunction or something and buy a new notebook i guess. The Asus G73JH has waay too many issues, its kinda insane.