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Asus G73JH-RBBX05: Graphic Card Upgrade

Level 7
Hey Guys,

I've been wanting to upgrade the graphics card on my Asus G73JH-RBBX05 for some time, the current specs are:

Processor 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 720QM
Memory 6GB, 1,333MHz DDR3
Hard drive 500GB 7,200rpm
Chipset Intel HM55
Graphics 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Display: 1600 x 900

I was looking at getting a Radeon HD 7970. Would there be any problems installing it in my laptop?


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david you can try and post in the notebook section and ask there if you want to, i bet you get faster responce there from the laptop guys 🙂

7970m is possible, but with a lot of work. You would have to get a new power supply to fuel the card. Proper heatsink modifications to dissipate increased heat. Then there's the matter of which brand of 7970m to go with, then there's the matter of getting the correct vbios (enduro disabled) and flashing (probably blind flashing).. but if your looking for an easy route to just stick a 7970m into your g73 and hope it works... no it's not that simple.

Yeah, I was looking for a quick replacement card.

Are there any worthwhile options to increase resolution/framerates without needing to overhaul a lot of extra components?

see the main problem is that asus used a non-standard mxm card, meaning that when you install a standard mxm mount points dont exactly match up and you'll have heatsink issues. But there are many guides out there that will help the process. Asus G73 has great upgrade ability cause it can go up to the 6xxx series and the 7xxx series (7xxx series is a bit more problematic than the 6xxx series due to the enduro issue). But you can stick in a 6970 in, dont overclock, and you may come out clean. You would have to still mod the mount point and the heatsink. I would go with the clevo cards as they have been less problematic in the asus g73. I hear the dell cards and some other ones (with stock vbios) tend to make the fans run full power all the time. But dont be afraid to google this it'll probably point your way to notebookreview forums with the guides and numerous other users that have successfully upgraded there video cards. I would love to upgrade my g73 to a 7970m; however, there's only one person who's successfully upgraded to this so far and a solid guide has not been established yet.