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ASUS G73JH Motherboard Crash and CMOS Battery

Level 7
I have created multiple posts before but I am now creating another one since everyone stopped responding to me the last time. I am still having the blank screen crash. Its usually a black blank screen when gaming or watching a video and a blank white screen sometimes occurs in windows. The windows crashes are much less common but still do occur from time to time. I have determined it is not the video card since it crashes even in VGA mode/safe mode, etc and even in the BIOS. I know it is NOT overheating so please dont give be that typical excuse that everyone likes to use. I know it is a hardware issue with the motherboard and I am most likely screwed.

I updated the VBIOS and BIOS a while back to play Black Ops 2 with the latest drivers without getting the GSOD. I have tried multiple video card drivers which all result in this blank screen of death. Sometimes it is a pull the plug crash where the whole thing is off in 1 sec like I just lost power. Other times it is a crash to a black screen and then slowly powers down. Its not overheating cus this usually happens within 5 minutes of use.

I have noticed that my motherboard / BIOS is resetting my system clock to pacific time upon every reboot. I live on the East Coast and thus this is the wrong time. I read online that this may be a dead CMOS battery that I need to replace on the motherboard. Are the rest of my crashes related to this battery being dead as well? Or do I still need to physically replace the whole motherboard. And also is there a way to do a software re-set or re-flash of the motherboard/BIOS respectively that I could try before having to buy a whole new one?

Any help or comments are greatly appreciated.



Level 10
You seem sure it's not overheating, but how do you know? Have you checked the health of your hard drive? Have you ever taken it apart can cleaned all the dust out of the fans/heatsinks and or repaste it? Does it GSOD on a external monitor also?

The cmos battery could be dead and reseting your time, but usually if that happens it resets it back to the motherboards default born date or further. Also a cmos battery being dead won't cause any other issue that you have. It just resets the bios every time the computer is disconnected from power/battery.
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