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Asus G73jh Graphics Card Replacement Options

Level 7
Hey guys, new poster here. I am using a G73jh which was my brothers bought new around 2010. He now upgraded so gave me this one.

The machine has some problems from the aspect that it occasionally freezes and other small glitches. Also some graphical glitches like artifacts flickering in games and the mouse cursor breaking up into pieces (I've got the latest drivers).

I have been considering replacing the motherboard which is not too bad, found some good prices on those, but the grahpics card (Mobility Radeon HD 5870) is SO expensive it's not funny! Around $300 - $350 or so. Not worth it for how dated it is.

I have found some other MXM cards, some 5870 and some other models. They are though usually for different laptops, not specifically for the G73jh.

Question is, do most MXM cards at least fit into the same slot? Is it just the card positioning itself that is different? I'm sure with a few motherboard screws/sockets a different shaped card might be able to be fitted. I was considering this one for instance: 6770 at $100:

Otherwise can anyone point me towards some places that have decently priced graphics cards that fit this model?

Let me know, cheers! Chris.

Level 7
No ideas at all anyone? Surprised!

Hello there.

I would have responded to you sooner but I only come on this forum every so often.... Anyway.... I posted this a while back and no responses either..... I'm curious about this as well but haven't been brave enough to through some money at this project.

For GPU upgrades, it looks like you need a card of MXM Type 3.0b. Look here . I'm not sure if you need a new cooler or if you can use the original cooler for this or not.

On my G73JH-A1 I've upgraded my hard drives, Ram, and wireless card with great success.

If anyone had upgraded their CPU or GPU on their G73JH, please let us know what parts you used, where you got them from, and how successful you were.