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Asus G731GW Crackling Sound

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I bought a new Asus G731GW laptop about 6 months ago. About 2 months after the purchase I started hearing a crackling noise. I sent it back to the official Asus repair center, where the expert confirmed the sound, claimed that it was a heating issue stressing the cpu fan. He repasted the cpu and the laptop was sent back.

At first the sound was gone and temperatures seemed better. But 3 weeks later, I started hearing the same sound again, and I sent it back again to repair. The laptop was handled this time by a different expert, who claimed that he couldn't hear anything. After sending him a record of the sound, the repair center notified me that they would change the CPU fan, giving me no explanation if they indeed heard anything or they simply did it anyway.

I got the laptop back yesterday after almost 1 month with a report stating it passed all tests.
5 minutes after booting it up the sound was there. Does anyone else encounters the same issue and if yes what did you do? I'm thinking of returning it back again and asking for my money back, since I have no idea if this issue will affect the condition of the laptop in the future. I also have no idea if they can offer me a guarantee extension, though I doubt they will do something like that.

I am posting a dropbox link which contains the audio recordings I took yesterday. (sound isn't very loud so crank up the volume)

Thank you for your time.

Level 10
Hello ChrisVvs,
Please kindly provide SN and RMA number to me through PM.
Thank you.