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Asus G73 - TwinTurbo on Windows 10?

Level 7
Hey all. I've had to switch over to Windows 10, from Windows 7, so I thought I'd try a clean install on my G73Jh to see if things work a bit better.

Except now my TwinTurbo button doesn't work, and I can't find install links for the Power4Gear software, or any way to get Twin Turbo working again. Regular turbo boost works, though only up to about 2GHz according to Intel's monitor.

Is my only choice here going back to Windows 7 and suffering through no support since it's about to it EOL?

Level 12
I think you will need your Driver DVD that came with your computer. Reinstall Windows 10, then use ASUS Installation Wizard (AsInWiz.exe) found on the Driver DVD to install all your original drivers and programs that came with your computer. Then let Windows update your laptop.
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