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Asus G55VW-RS71 formatting/recovering does not complete

Level 7

A friend of mine has an Asus G55VW-RS71 that he attempted to reformat/recover. He rebooted the laptop, tapped F9 and then selected the "Recover Windows to entire HD" option. The process then began reinstalling Windows 7, but shortly after reaching 100% of the "Setup is installing devices" stage an error message pops up saying:

"Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

Then, it states setup will continue after a restart. After pressing enter it proceeds to reboot and attempt to start Windows 7 and an additional error message pops up:

"Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation."

I cannot provide much additional information (to my knowledge) as all of the install screens only flash for less than a second before moving onto the next stage of recovery. Is there any possible solution to this or what is the best way in which to reinstall Windows on the laptop?


Level 14
Well you could use the AI Recovery disks you were prompted to create when you first got this notebook. A recover disk can be purchased from Asus Store That failing it appears you will need to Clean Install Win7 See this thread for information on this. You can download a win 7 SP1 Home Premium ISO . Here is a link to Asus Support Downloads to download your latest drivers from
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I had the same problem

1.- The installer has errors on drivers and needs to be updated. Go to
and download the idata.exe. Save to your pendrive.
2.- Turn on your laptop, when the error message appears press SHIFT+F10, don´t close the message. This action starts the
command prompt. Localize your pendrive and initialize the idata.exe
3.- Complete the installation and reset the system. Maybe more than one reset will be neccesary.

If the system do not recognize your pendrive, reboot and press ESC several times, a list appears with your flash memory, select, and then reboot again