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ASUS G55VW: Geforce Experience 1.7 Update

Level 7
Post Geforce Experience 1.7 Installation with the R331 Drivers.

This is horrible, the ASUS ROG Mobile GPUs don't support ShadowPlay.

Level 7
never use asus Drivers if you want common Features to work. use original Intel chipset Utility, ACHI Driver and Management Engine. Dont install stuff like power4gear, asus update and alike.... also use original whql nvidia Drivers... its generally best to do a clean Windows install but NOT from the asus recovery Partition but with an untouched win iso. I did it that way and things got better... not perfect of course but better

Level 7
Yep, no shadow play, no shield game streaming, no LED visualizer.

Welcome to the wonderful world of mobile gaming graphics. However, this is not necessarily to downplay the relative power of such mobile graphics chips, but rather to highlight the nature of the beast.

Create a shortcut,go to properties and under the target add -shadowplay. Now run the shortcut and shadowplay should launch.
Working great on my g55vw.