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Asus G551VW not booting from UEFI for dual boot setup

Level 7
I was trying to install windows 10 on a gpt hard drive. So that I can dual boot kali with it. I have tried switching csm and secure boot off but every time I failed. Because my laptop wont boot from uefi USB drives or DVDs. If I select uefi-ed DVD or USB drive my laptop will just show press any key to boot from DVD and the redirect me to bios settings. I desperately need the solution because I need kali or any other distro of linux for educational purpose
I initially tried to boot KALI linux and got the same issue. Then linux mint gave me grub. And Now windows 10 uefi DVD gave me this issue.
Problem is wile booting from any device that shows uefi the display goes dark and either continues to preferred boot option or goes to BIOS/APTIO.

I have solved this problem with some data loss. I have converted my harddisk to GPT and it solved my dual booting problem. But after some time my bootloader got corrupted and thus I had lost control of my linux part of pc. and currently running windows