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Asus g55 heat

Level 7
Alright, my G55 is pretty old now. Bought it back in 2012. Using MSI Afterburner, I found out that the GPU is running at over 90 degrees under load. I've read that this laptop might have problems with cooling because of a plastic film between the heatsink and GPU. I'm getting a new computer this summer(with Titan X and everything), so I don't really care that much if i break this laptop by opening it. Should I? Or may the heat-problems be there because the laptop is old? (I checked the temps for the first time yesterday, so for all I know, they could have been this high from the start.)
If this doesn't help, is there anything else I can do?

Level 9
I would guess the thermal compound is starting to lose efficiency and your heatsinks are dirty. Taking the laptop apart to clean it and reapply thermal compound would be a good choice, just be careful and you won't break anything.

Here's a disassembly video

Once you get the board out, be careful removing the heatsinks. The gpu will have thermal pads that you need to keep intact. Just slowly pull the heatsink away from the board after you remove the screws and use the tip of a flathead screwdriver to help the thermal pad come off the board.

Remove the existing thermal compound by saturating cotton swabs in 91% isopropyl and letting the chemical do the work. When clean the processor die should look like a mirror.

The community uses IC Diamond thermal compound. You will need a small tube to do both the cpu and gpu.

Since IC Diamond is thick, you will need to apply it differently.

Read this

I always soften up the ICD by getting a small glass of hot water, filling it up about half way and sticking the syringe in the hot water for 3-5 mins to help soften the thermal compound. Just make sure the tip on the syringe is air tight, and make sure you don't fill up the glass so much the water gets into the back of the syringe.

Also once you reattach the heatsinks you should clean them free of dust and debris. Use a old toothbrush and a little compressed air. If the heatsink fin is touching another fin in the middle you can gently bend it back with a flathead screwdriver.

Remember don't use force, if there is something stuck or if you are having problems come back here for advice.

Good luck

Level 10
The disassembly video that C4RN1 posted is great as a disassembly guide for this laptop. However, I usually find this guide a bit better and more detailed:
Good luck 🙂