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Level 7
Recently bought a ASUS G55vw-DH71 laptop
I restored to the factory system, i updated all drivers
with the CD drivers and tools that came with the laptop
and then I tested all ports, video outputs, audio and Internet
all worked very well
just the bluetooth does not worked well,
bluetooth card if it was recognized, but when i want to add a device
I did not recognize anyone, despite my bluetooth of my smartphone was enabled
and set in visible mode, could not put the laptop mode visible when I activate the bluetooth, I'll add a photo

uninstall and install the driver and I could finally put the laptop be in visible mode, but when I made ​​the connection with my smartphone could not make data transfer
I thought it was because they had to find an online update
I went to the official website of asus and download the latest driver bluetooth
but when upgrading bluetooth driver
I got a BSOD, I will add a photo.

to restart the bluetooth did not work, now what reconosca achievement that any bluetooth device or put my laptop bluetooth visible mode

that you may can help me, if I can fix it myself, just tell me and follow the instructions to make them out. If you need more pictures just let me know.

Thanks for your attention
my sincere thanks for your support.

Level 9
Do you have other bluetooth device like headphone, mouse, KB..etc to verify, is it able to detect when take your smart phone to other laptop or NB?

Level 7
yes i try with my tablet too
but didnt work

Level 9
could you take back reseller to check, because i think you install correct driver and no exclamation mark in device manager, how is your bluetooth device, is it buy form ASUS option?

Level 7
make sur your
drivers are propely installed
your servies is turned on
reformat windows 7

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Hi, Just wanted to check your bluetooth driver and Windows version.
If you don't already have it, you can get the latest bluetooth driver approved by ASUS for the G55VW at the ASUS download site.
It looks like there are at least a couple different bluetooth drivers listed, so if you were able to install the driver, check under your device manager to see which one is installed and the version.

Level 7
I know it's super late already 😛 but I may have a solution for you

Exact bluetooth problem (along with a staticy microphone) ever since i got the laptop (probably 4/5yrs) and literally tried everything out on the market 😉 external dongle does work too 🙂

But here's the solution (it's a bit rough and technical and would probably void warranty bla.. bla.. bla..)

So unscrew the bottom of the laptop (check the disassembly video on youtube if you need help) and then when you remove the panel behind the screen, by the right screen joint, there's a tiny black cable fixed down by a screw and another ground screw next to it (there's a symbol next to the ground screw), just attach the cable to the ground screw and you're done. All problems should be solved 🙂

If that cable is already attached to the ground screw then just leave it and i'm sorry for wasting your time.

Kind Regards and all the best


Hi Alex,
So you mean that's a hardware error? I'm also bluetooth error too. :'(

Pyae Phyo Aung wrote:
Hi Alex,
So you mean that's a hardware error? I'm also bluetooth error too. :'(

For me it was a hardware error. I can only postulate excessive interference with the bluetooth receiver. However I haven't actually checked for interference before and after the modication (don't have the required tools).
All i know is, that I had this error. Tried literally everything, and upon reassembling I noticed a ground symbol, but nothing actually being grounded to it.
Upon grounding of the cable, everything worked. Microphone static was gone, and my bluetooth works fine, has been since 🙂
I'm not saying if you did this, then it will work. However it's a really simple modification, so it's worth a shot in my opinion .