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ASUS G53SX "Green Display" Issues

Level 7
Hello everyone

I just start up this morning my laptop and i got green display !!! On boot screen , display is green and is blinking little bit ... if i "slam" laptop under keyboard (on bottom) it's coming normal screen.Today i open everything and check all flat cables connections ....everything is fine ... any way i touch heat sink (CPU and GPU) and i think problem is there ... it's looks like loosing connections right there because i have normal screen if i am holding my finger on heat sink ...when i release finger from sing it's coming again green screen ...please advice me ...

I purchased this laptop in march from and still i have warranty ...i mean i hope so that i have warranty because i open laptop today to try to find problem

PS>if i connect laptop to external display it's working normal and i play games today without issues!

Please advice


Level 7
I met similar problem. it usually goes to the log in page directly and shows green screen. after I log in the windows page, there is no green screen but a shaking desktop page. After I check the memory from the control panel, and then turn off/on the computer several times, it is recovered. But some times it comes out again as I turn on the notebook on a moving vehicle. Who can answer and solve my problem? Thanks in advance!