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Asus G53SW-XN1 Screen issue (2nd RMA) Mason@ASUS help appreciated thx

Level 7
Hi everyone, for some reasons I alwasy had problems signing in here. I signed up before my first RMA.

My issue :
The screen shows all weird colors instead of black backgrounds etc..(image attached) The last RMA was locally at authoriyed repair partner where they supposedly changed the lcd and cables, reconnect vga and re applied thermal grease.

Now it is exactly ! the same iussue 1 month and a few days later. No drops etc.. definitely a hardware issue as some occasions when you held it with more pressure by the front cornes it got better or went away.

So now I called and was supposedly granted an expidted RMA and free shipping after I asked for a supervisor. I called 2 days before and the agent said he would escalate the case and I will be called,never cut it short the supervisor I still wanted to speak called back saying I would get an expedited case and today I called to check before sending and was told its just an request. Could still take in total around 3-4 weeks.

Then supposedly they cant guarantee for the original box, but how they heck am I supposed to ship it, dont have any other boxes.

So I got the label and wanted to ship it but if there is a way to really speed it up that would be great!

Thx soo much as I already lost 2weeks last time and now with backing up all my data just in case it took me a lot of time and anger.So I want to make sure I do it all right and dont have to wait ages.

Level 14
I PM'd Mason@ASUS for you with the following message:

Subject: @asusg Needs Assistance with 2nd RMA

Hi Mason,

This customer is experiencing video problems that were unresolved with his first RMA and now seeks your assistance. Please see the following thread:

As a new member, he is unable to PM you himself.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Thanks I really appreciate it,

I was actually able to send a pm myself now,dont know why it would not work before. I shipped it in the original box and packaged it as good as possible. After reading this on their rma site :
"ASUS recommends that the product be returned in its original packaging. The original packaging will provide better protection for your product during transit. Warranty may be voided if the product is damaged due to improper packaging. Original packaging may not be retuned once service is completed."
"Please note: if your product is received packed in anything other than its original packaging, ASUS’ Service Site may charge you for appropriate anti-shock packaging when your product is returned."

I would assume you are supposed to send it with the package as they will use it for return shipping. Confusing statements all over. I put a note on the box with the RMA number so hope that works. Also included a copy of the last RMA so hopefully they will fix it for good now.

Mason@asus, if you happen to read this any additional help will be appreciated to get this expedited. Thanks a lot.