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Asus G53SW limited warranty terms

Level 7

I have been reading through the terms in the warranty in the past few days. I would like to know what parts we as users are allowed to remove to upgrade the G53SW as this clause seems to make us void the warranty:

"a. the product has been tampered, repaired and/or modified by non-authorized personnel; "

I saw it here:

Level 9
I believe installing RAM is about the only thing that will not void your warranty.
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Level 7
Basically you can upgrade whatever you want on this laptop (if it's possible). Should you ever have a problem and need to rma the laptop, you just put the original stuff back in. Just make sure you don't remove any of the seals that can sometimes be found inside the laptop.
I also have the g53sw and upgraded to 16gb of ram without leaving any evidence 😛

If screwdiver scratches are found, will they say that I "tampered" with my laptop?

Level 12
Well you did tamper with it... :I

Whether or not they notice/care is just down to luck.

Level 7
How could they possibly prove that it was you who scratched it? It could be the reseller, during manufacturing etc.
What do you want to upgrade anyway? For ram or an ssd upgrade the disassembly is very quick and easy.

Level 8
i agree to iluvatar, mine came with the metal plate below the keyboard scratched...

All right, I proceeded to check if my model QHDB1-CBIL had a second hard drive caddy. So I opened up the laptop and removed touchpad and everything to find out I need to spend and extra 33$. But when I was putting the whole thing back together, the latch that secures the touchpad panels refuses to move. I tried to press down the panel and try again, nothing. So now, I'm running the laptop with and unsecured touchpad panel. Does anyone knows how the latch works and how to solve my problem?