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Asus G53 Slot Load DVD Drive / Laptop Missing Key Strokes

Level 7
Hey there guys, I am new to the forum and a proud new owner of an Asus G53SW Laptop. I came from an Alienware m15x, which had a slot load DVD drive. I was wondering if there were any mods to install a Slot load DVD drive on the Asus G53? I was looking around but did not see much.

I was wondering if something like this would work.

Secondly, I was wondering if there was a fix for the keyboard on the G53. Like I said, I love this laptop, and it has a better build than the Alienware, but sometimes this laptop will miss keystrokes. Is there an update for this? I have not seen anything regarding to this issue.

Thanks a bunch!

Regards, Ryan B.

Level 14
notebook section

Level 17
1) Per @kkn's request, I will move this to the Notebook section, for more people to be able to see it.
2) I do not know of any slot-load mods, since the front of the DVD drive is shaped to fit the outside profile of the laptop. This is a challenge to attach a panel that would keep the profile of the laptop, while still having space to get the DVD in and out of the drive.
3) For the keyboard, I have occasionally noticed missing keystrokes, but very rarely, so I don't know that it isn't my own sloppy typing that is causing the problems instead.
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