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Asus g51 vertical grey lines on screen

Level 7

I'm using an asus g51 or g51j (not sure which one), with i5 intel and 360m nvidia. (about 4years old now)
Since a few months I was having every now and then, thin vertical grey lines over the full width of my screen. I was able to get rid of them by either tilting or twisting my screen a little bit. An other issue i was starting to have, is that every now and then, my screen would freeze, and get brighter and brighter untill it was completely white. Again, tilting or twisting the screen a bit solved the issue.
The fact I was able to solve it by messing with my screen a bit, made me think it's a connection issue somewhere. But since it's is getting more and more difficult to get rid of them in the past 2 weeks, makes me think it could be something with the screen itself.
Is it worth trying to disassemble and see if it's a connection issue? Or do you recommend ordering a new screen?
I can perfectly work with the computer with the grey lines, it's just quite annoying.

thanks for your help in advance
kind regards

Level 7
well, i wouldn't go ordering a new screen until you know that's what's wrong with it.

if i remember correctly the connection is near the hinge on the left side, if you're looking at the notebook in a open posistion. to get at it, you need to remove the bottom panel, the drives, and get the top inside panel off. it'd be the top portion of the lower half of the notebook.

the connection plug is near the tilde key. it might be on the underside. been awhile. let me check my old board.... yup, it's near the tilde key. on the inside. top panel (one with keyboard and trackpad) has to come off to get at it.

it could be something like a bad connection, a overheating video card (when's the last time you pasted it or cleaned it out?), a bad lcd panel, or something else.

Level 7
I eventually disassembled my screen like they do in: without disconnecting the screen. It looked like it was still solving/generating the issue when twisted the screen a little bit. Is this a sign it's the screen that is broken?