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Asus G46vw Upgraded with I7 3820qm - working good so far

Level 10
Good news guys 😄 I've installed my I7 3820qm today in my G46 and it's working at stable temps of 36c-46c along with some awesome benchmark but I don't think the CPU is on it's full potential since i saw benchmarks on I7 3820qm scoring somewhat higher than mine 1737417375
Asus G46 vw
3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7-3820QM processor
16GB-DDR Corsair Vengence 1600
128GB Samsung 830 Msata SSD + 750 GB HDD
GTX 660m + Windows 7 ultimate db Windows 8 pro


Level 10
I think its normal for your temps to be around the fifties When you have opened up spotify, chrome, and whatever else you have opened there in your tray that is not visible on the picture. When I listen to music on the AIMP3 player and browse the net with chrome, and use uTorrent for example my temps are the same as yours and I use G55VW 3610QM, so nothing to worry about. If you play games and your temps are around the 80C and below it is perfectly normal.