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ASUS G46vw Keyboard Problem, won't register when I'm typing

Level 7
Today I ran into a problem with my keyboard, now it won't register when I'm typing. I was thinking maybe it was a driver that got corrupted or deleted some how. If any of you guys have any help with how I can fix this, like a driver link and steps on how to apply them myself that would help me out a lot 🙂

Level 14
You might try a little air pressure to insure you don't have any trash effecting your keys, otherwise is sounds sort of hardware issue. Software is in the ATK package you might want to install the latest version Asus Support Downloads
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Level 9
As Clint stated it wouldn't be software related unless your computer is freezing and running slow.

You can try a usb keyboard to see if it does the same thing.

If the usb keyboard has issues then it's your operating system that needs to be fixed. If the usb keyboard doesn't have any issues then it's probably hardware related. You can take the laptop apart and reseat the cables that run under the keyboard. Sometimes the cables can move resulting in weird hardware problems.

To disassemble remove all of the screws on the bottom of the laptop, there are 2 in the access cover and 2 under the rubber feet in the back. Once you remove those you can pull the back cover off, unplug the speaker and remove the 2 screws that are holding the top of the palmrest on (they're on the corners). Then start at the top of the palmrest and gently pry the palmrest up with your fingernails. If you don't feel comfortable using your nails use a guitar pick. With the computer open like you're using it, pull the palmrest slightly towards you, when it clears the screen flip it over to your right.

If you follow tutorials online they have you remove the screen, this way you skip that step.

Moving on, there is one large 40 pin ribbon cable which you need to remove that runs to the palmrest assembly. You can then set your laptop aside and work on reseating all of the touchpad/keyboard/power button cables to the main controller. If you want to you can take compressed air and try to clean the keyboard assembly, just be careful not to break any keys. Now you can reseat the 40 pin cable at the controller side and then connect the 40 pin cable back to the motherboard.

At this point you can simply set the palmrest back into the laptop, snap down the sides leaving the front out a bit, and power on the laptop to test if this fixed your issue. If not you can easily get the palmrest assembly back off prying up the front.

Hopefully this fixes your issue, let us know what happens.