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ASUS G46VW Intel Centrino WiFi

Level 9
I have a question for those who own a G46:

How is the stock WiFi card? I am wondering if I should take the $40 upgrade on the Intel® Advanced N + through HIDevolution. Is it really worth it? How is the range on this one?

Thanks for your advice in advance 🙂

Level 9
what is pronlem do you meet? we do not agree you change wifi card.

Level 9
@Pitcher, is that even english?

Personally if I had to do it over again I'd choose the killer wireless with the 3rd antenna installed +$85. Reason being is because in some places I've been, the wifi signal hasnt been good. It's a pretty decent wifi card, but I'd go with the upgrade. It could also be the routers that they are using, may be cheap or w/e so I don't know. I'd go with the +$50 upgrade instead of the +$40 upgrade. Here's a review on the Wireless N 3000 (+$50 upgrade wifi card),3164.html

It's a pretty decent card, the killer wireless-n 1103 is better for gaming and streaming, but the wifi 3000 does a good job for it's value