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ASUS g46VW died?

Level 9
I recieved my ASUS G46VW from HIDevolution recently, and everything was working fine. I went to plug in my mouse, and it suddenly shut off (it was plugged in). I tried to turn it back on, but it showed no signs of powering. Is there anything I can do before I resort to sending it back? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Level 13
hm.. sorry for the wrong way to try revive a g46. i keep forgetting how its battery was installed 😕

Level 9
I have to pay for shipping both ways apparently, so I don't think I want to risk another issue. I found a G46VW at a local computer store, and it comes with 2 years (free 2 way shipping) plus 1 year of accidental. It has the i5 though, but the rest of the config is the same. Much cheaper too. I have a desktop at home with an OCed 2600K for heavy stuff, so I don't think I will really need the i7 here. It will be plenty fast, and wont really mess with gaming. What do you guys think??


I did return the laptop to HID for a full refund. They also forgot a few things in the order and gave me some old power brick (I tested it with some equipment I have lying around and it works perfectly). A few disappointments. I would not discredit them though. Thier service is top notch, but their warranty is incredibly weak by default (compared to NCIX and local stores). If you want a custom G46, go for them. If you want a good warranty and are fine with the stock CPU, then go somewhere else. Not a bad company, just not for me.

Level 18
Well Played. Stay in touch.c.