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Asus asks € 1500,00 to repair 2 components of a 2013 model

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I have started a RMA procedure with Asus because my G750JH wouldn't boot up anymore. They have sent me a quote for € 1500,00 to repair the Motherboard and VGA. For that sum I have bought a GL702VM which is one of the latest Asus Gaming Notebooks, and here they are asking me to pay that sum for a 2013 notebook repair (not even a replacement).
Is this normal for Asus? Does anyone else have a similar experience?
I am really shocked and I think this could drive anyone away from this brand, actually I still have 20 days to return my new Asus notebook and I am thinking to do so if this is what RMA procedures quote to do simple repairs.

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Well your repairing a 4 year old gaming notebook, the CPU and GPU are both on that replacement mother board there soldered on. I have no idea if that price is reasonable. I certainly know I was getting screwed when replacing that V8 in my wife's Lincoln or the transmission in my Pontiac still I made those choices. With your 4 year old notebook I think I would pass. I have for the most part replaced notebooks every 3 years This got started back when we could still get 3 year warranty's, even so I kept my G75 until 2016 Dec when I finally got a reasonable on a G752VY. My G75 continues working for a family member. Some will last some won't I don't buy a top end gaming notebook expecting it to last more than 3 years.
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The G750JH is a 2013 laptop ... HM87, i7-4700HQ, 16GB~32GB DDR3-1600, GTX 780M/4GB, Windows 8 ... 4~5 years old, at least one year older than its (up to 3 year) warranty. To be honest, I'm surprised that ASUS would approve an RMA for out-of-warranty products.

"The new ASUS ROG G750 Series Gaming Laptop comes with ASUS 360 Complete Notebook Care Package (a comprehensive warranty that includes 1 year international warranty, 30 days Zero Bright Dot guarantee, free one-way standard shipping, 24/7 technical support) and 1 year accidental damage protection (that covers accidental spills, power surges, drops, and fire damage)."

ASUS doesn't make any G750 Series anymore, it's discontinued. Replaced by newer G751, G752, G753, etc. They might still stock some G750 units in a faraway warehouse, but it seems unlikely they'd just give them away free.

There's many "new" or refurb G750 units (like this) being sold or re-sold for prices starting at around €1000. But maybe (because of taxes, duties, shipping rates, market regulations, whatever) €1500 is just the going rate where you live.

I'm also surprised that the motherboard (along with soldered-on CPU) and the GPU card need repair/replacement. Those parts are basically about 2/3 the total value of the machine, €1500 would perhaps be justifiable if the entire machine was worth closer to €2500 (which it certainly is not). I'd think it far, far more likely that the (new in 2013) laptop battery is now dead, the sort of part which shouldn't cost more than around €50 (€100 at worst) to replace. If the battery didn't die (yet) then maybe the charging logic board or the (SSD) drive or something else did, again a less costly piece of hardware to replace because it doesn't require basically swapping out the whole machine minus display and chassis. Nobody pays huge sums for component-level repair on mainboards in this century - it's far more economical (for both the consumer and the technician) to just swap out the whole board/module or even swap out the whole device - and a replacement part would never cost more than the original - and any ethical technician/businessman would communicate these economies to his customer when the price of labour isn't justified.

Are you even dealing with ASUS itself, or just some "ASUS Certified" technical center (computer shop)? Do they have the laptop now or did they send you a €1500 quote describing the necessary repair before even looking at the machine? I think €1500 is a blatant ripoff, you could (and already have) purchase a completely new laptop for that price.
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Community Admin
Hi ZeroTolerance,

Sorry to hear about your laptop. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing the G750JH will be costly due to the availability of parts. The G750JH has reached its end of life. It may be worthwhile to search for a refurbished or secondhand unit online.
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