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Arma 3 on 751jy - optimal settings?

Level 8
I have recently purchased Arma 3 (it was half price!) and wanting to know what is the optimal settings to play at a good stable 50-60fps without making the game look dull and ugly.

I get about 30-40fps on full Ultra however I have not tested the fps in a city or town so I assume it would go below 30fps.
Changing to very high doesn't make a huge difference but changing to high will keep it at a fully stable 55-60fps.
And changing settings to my own, I can get a stable V-sync off, 70-110fps.. (Texture on Ultra, Terrain on standard and Shadow on Ultra, and the rest are either low or disabled)

I have watched youtube videos on improving the performance and though it may have worked, Im just curious to know what you're running at to make it a smooth experience.

I have the 980m and i7-4710hq model

Level 7
Disable shadows and/or anti-aliasing.
ROG G551JW - i7 - 4720HQ - GTX 960 2GB - 16GB RAM
ROG G751 - i7- 4710HQ - GTX 970M 3GB - 16GB RAM

frozenashes2 wrote:
Disable shadows and/or anti-aliasing.

I have the same issue with a G751jy with i7-4720hq, 16Gb RAM, and GTX 980m running Windows 10. Although, fps drops below 25 at times (especially urban environments).

I've tried turning off AA and shadows, only to see a very moderate performance increase. GPU usage doesn't go above 30%, and CPU doesn't go > 40%. I'm using the Performance Power Plan, and have Park Control and Lasso installed.

I've seen talk of people getting 60-80fps in single-player mode. Any ideas on how to see similar?